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  1. Bikepacking 101 Handbook -

    I have no plans to do this but I love a good introductory guide. (via FaveJet)

  2. Die, Workwear! - The Amazing Style of British Cyclists

    Lovely photos, and story, of off-road cyclists in the 1950s in the UK, members of The Rough-Stuff Fellowship. Nice normal clothes.

  3. Ray Booty obituary | Sport |

    Sounds like a good chap. First cyclist to do 100 miles in under four hours (in 1956). Stayed an amateur. Had cold porridge in his drinks bottle

  4. The physical constraints of London’s streets | As Easy As Riding A Bike

    Countering the “London’s streets are two narrow for proper Dutch-style cycling lanes” idea with many, many photos of London’s wide main roads. (via Cyclists in the City)

  5. London Cycling Campaign | Campaigns | Key campaigns | Blackfriars | People-friendly Blackfriars

    Pretty impressive graphics and animations for an alternative vision of a tricky junction, as competition for the official and protested-against plans.

  6. How can safety at advanced stop zones be improved for cyclists? | Jorren Knibbe | Environment |

    Interesting if you’re a little too obsessed with cars and cyclists who break the law at junctions. I hadn’t realised cars are allowed to stop in ASZs if they’re already there when the light turns red.

  7. Hobbs of Barbican

    I never knew: Between 1930 and WWII the firm Hobbs of Barbican made bikes in the Barbican area of London, later moving to Dagenham.

  8. ‘The Headbadge’: Raleigh Catalog Archive Project

    Ah, even more old Raleigh bike catalogues, from 1938 to 1987. Getting closer. (Domain updated from, 2012-05-01.)

  9. Bike Pictures on

    Mainly for the “Bike Catalogs” section, full of old brochures which were handy for trying to identify poorly-described old bikes on eBay. For example.

  10. The Ancient Tree Hunt (PDF)

    A cycling route to some of London’s oldest trees.

  11. Locks that work - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed

    Looks like a nicely comprehensive list of the good bike locks. (via tomtaylor)

  12. Cyclists in the City: Cycle Superhighway is scandalous. Carbon copy of killer bike lane coming to Vauxhall Bridge Road

    Given how superficially cycling seems approved of by those in power (superhighways, Boris bikes, Cameron cycling, etc) it’s amazing how new road schemes are still often dangerous for cyclists, even when they sort of have cycle lanes etc.

  13. LRB · Iain Sinclair · The Raging Peloton

    He has a nice turn of phrase but Iain Sinclair is a gloomy, misanthropic reactionary who thinks the only people who can ride bikes authentically are the 1950s working class and eccentric poets. One wonders why he still lives in London.

  14. Cyclists in the City: HGVs - Time to make common cause with pedestrians and motorcyclists?

    Some figures on how pedestrian and cycle casualties are caused in the City. Only 5% of pedestrian casualties are the result of cyclists, although pedestrians generally feel cyclists are dangerous. 

  15. A unified theory of New York biking | Analysis & Opinion |

    Yes, yes, yes. The same for London too. Cyclist vs car and cyclist vs pedestrian conflicts arise because cyclists act more like pedestrians (ignoring rules) than cars (which by and large obey rules). (via Kottke)

  16. London Cycle Hire Explorer

    Tom Taylor’s nice site for exploring data about London’s cycle hire stations - graphs showing their activity over time.

  17. London cycle hire launch – live updates | UK news |

    For Boris’s Big Society gag and “If you can’t turn the clock back to 1904 ladies and gentlemen, what is the point of being a Conservative?” (via Haddock)

  18. Cars parked illegally in bike lanes in London -

    It’s vehicles stopping in the advance cycle boxes that annoy me most, because it’s so easy not to do.

  19. London CycleStreets: UK Cycle Journey Planner and Photomap

    A new site for planning your cycle journeys, using OpenStreetMap maps. A great start.

  20. TheWashCycle: The Myth of the Scofflaw Cyclist

    I think decriminalising cyclists jumping red lights could, possibly, work. But until that happens: don’t. That simple. Enough of the moaning and self-justification. (via Blech)

  21. Click opera - Fixated on the fixie

    Momus on fixed gear bikes. (via blackbeltjones)

  22. Dashing Tweeds » Tailored Outfits - Cycle Suit

    Splendid cycling tweed outfits with reflective thread and Teflon coating. Splendid. (via Haddock)

  23. Demonstration at St Pancras International, 14 - 11- 2007 — Camden Cycling Campaign

    One of the downsides of the new station: stupid little bike racks (obviously designed years ago by someone who never used a bike) a long way from anywhere useful.

  24. Ops on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Oops indeed. What kind of vehicle did that sort of damage? Somewhere near the Barbican apparently, Silk Street or Moor Lane?

  25. Moving Target: Cyclist-killing lorry driver fined £300

    Yes, the lorry driver must feel awful, but he wasn’t looking where he was going while steering an HGV round a corner. Only a 300 quid fine for killing someone!? Motorists get away with so much while driving dangerous machines.

  26. Shimano pedals PDM324 - on one :: Calderdale’s 2nd biggest bike company

    I’m starting to think about clipless pedals and these sound good for me.

  27.—Reviews | Midge Bar

    I have one of these (with a bike attached) on its way. Includes a guide to setting it up properly.

  28. Hubjub—Fixed gear in the UK

    Recommended on

  29. Moving Target Forum - All Discussions

    UK cycle courier forum. (Vanilla seems like the forum software of choice.)

  30. All Discussions - London Fixed Gear & Single Speed

    Bicycles. Mostly seem to know each other from real life. Uses Vanilla.

  31. Cool Tool: Adventure Cycling

    The woman cycling across the USA on the Saturday Guardian’s Travel section back page has got me intrigued…

  32. Bikely - Discover and share your favorite bicycle routes

    People sharing bike routes in different cities/countries. Using Google Maps. Interesting to see which way people go. (via Blackbeltjones)

  33. Transport for London Cycle Journey Planner

    Matthew Somerville does it again. Simple interface to get cycling directions across London from Transport for London’s journey planner.

  34. Dorian moore : Dalston to Old Street

    Like a slow and clunky (in a good way) east London version of that movie where a guy drives across Paris insanely quickly.

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