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2006-05-12 (Friday)


  1. Transport for London Cycle Journey Planner

    Matthew Somerville does it again. Simple interface to get cycling directions across London from Transport for London’s journey planner.

  2. YouTube - Broadcast Yourself - Public Videos // pajamapants

    Videos and interviews with musicians, lots of Britpoppy stuff from the early 1990s including loads from Sleeper. Suddenly I feel 10+ years younger. Fab.

  3. Stop Comment Spam and Trackback Spam « Akismet

    Intriguing anti-spam solution for weblogs and pretty much any site with user-submitted content.

  4. London’s lack of Mexican (Phil Gyford: Writing)

    My page on there being no decent Mexican food in London has spawned its own mailing list for those interested. Yum!

  5. | Your free online color matching toolbox

    Another colour scheme generator. I need all the help I can get.

  6. Color Scheme Generator 2

    There are loads of these around, but this seems a nice example.

  7. Going Back To South Park, Gonna Have Myself A Time

    I have fond memories of staying in the Wired corporate flat on San Francisco’s South Park for a week in 1996.

  8. Magpiebrain » Blog Archive » Trouble Free Backups, Part One - rsync and Strongspace

    Again, just in case I start using Strongspace, saves me Googling again.

  9. Strongspace Weblog - Syncing With Rsync

    In case I start using Strongspace and forget where to find these instructions.

  10. IDEA - The International Dialects Of English Archive

    Another archive of people from around the world speaking texts with their different accents.

  11. Speech Accent Archive

    Hear people from different parts of the world recite the same paragraph. Fascinating.

  12. Mod_rewrite Cookbook - FrontPage

    Very handy resource for mod_rewrite recipes. It’s like some arcane magic to me.