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2011-05-04 (Wednesday)


  1. My memories of Chipping Hill School

    What I can remember from when I was around five, six and seven.


  1. Locks that work - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed

    Looks like a nicely comprehensive list of the good bike locks. (via tomtaylor)

  2. Generation PC, 1964-73 - Brainiac - The Boston Globe

    A guide to the names of different generations. Generation X etc. (via Kottke)

  3. The FactCheck Blog - FactCheck: How does the world rank FPTP vs AV?

    First Past The Post is mainly used by ex-British colonies. “What does seem worth noting however is that not one European country, apart from the UK, uses FPTP.” (via @JamesWallis)

  4. Sustaining Local Journalism: new ways of funding local reporting | City University London

    One day conference on 13 May. Might be interested for anyone interested in that post I wrote yesterday about funding online news.


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    @alruii Did the policeman give the lad a clip round the ear?

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    Today I wrote what I remember about being at Chipping Hill School when I was about 6:

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    In case you only read stuff via Twitter… Yesterday I wrote a bit about funding niche news services:

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    Looking forward to voting #YesToAV on Thursday. If we already had AV I bet few people would seriously suggest switching to FPTP.