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2012-09-21 (Friday)

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  1. 8 reasons you should give talks | Final Bullet

    On the negative side… while it’s great for the speaker, for all the reasons you cite, the idea that…



  1. Jonathan Meades: Architects are the last people who should shape our cities | Art and design | The Guardian

    In fine form. “It is the business of attempting to create places that defeats architects. Architects cannot devise analogues for what has developed over centuries, for generation upon generation of amendments. They cannot understand the appeal of untidiness and randomness, and even if they could they wouldn’t know how to replicate it.”

  2. The portable-infinite: David Markson interview

    From 1996. “The new book is not even a monologue. It’s a semi-non-fiction, semi-fiction.” “People still do [write fiction books], and good ones, but I don’t know why. It’s been done.” (via Rodcorp)

  3. Ray Booty obituary | Sport |

    Sounds like a good chap. First cyclist to do 100 miles in under four hours (in 1956). Stayed an amateur. Had cold porridge in his drinks bottle

  4. Benjamin Hubert Studio

    Some interesting furniture and lights made with many different materials and processes, what Matt J told me about. Some nice prototypes, manufacturing and sketches if you click through to later images.

  5. Salary survey 2012

    A survey of “creative and marketing professionals” - basically all the roles in agencies, as far as I can tell. Both permanent and freelance.

  6. Teaching about the Future: Dr Peter C Bishop, Andy Hines: Books

    New, expensive, book from my old futures professor and an alumni who now also teaches at Houston.


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    Playing @jwheare’s classic Drivetime of 2011-07-15 while the office drinks beer and swears at JavaScript and Ruby.…

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    @russelldavies GO GO!

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    @alicebartlett @pixellent “The Amazing Adventures of Sadface Bacon McLol”

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    @ianbetteridge But it’s a shame some of those screenshots are the kind of graphical glitches that exist on Google Maps too.

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    @stml How do they do it? Or do they not even get that far?

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    My girlfriend finally agreed to act out my nurse fantasy. She moved my bed into the hallway & put me on a waiting list. And I have MRSA.