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2011-01-09 (Sunday)


  1. A metaphor

    The only two responses Palin’s team could make to the Giffords shooting that make sense.

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  1. Cyclists in the City: HGVs - Time to make common cause with pedestrians and motorcyclists?

    Unfortunately, as you say, peoples’ fears and demands are based on perception. I suspect that you…



  1. Cyclists in the City: HGVs - Time to make common cause with pedestrians and motorcyclists?

    Some figures on how pedestrian and cycle casualties are caused in the City. Only 5% of pedestrian casualties are the result of cyclists, although pedestrians generally feel cyclists are dangerous. 

  2. From zero to coder hero: Synchronizing django with twitter using django-syncr

    How to fix the out-of-date django-syncr to work with Twitter’s OAuth.

  3. Danfairs/django-syncr at danfairs - GitHub

    What looks like the most active copy of django-syncr around. Dan’s adding stuff to the ‘danfairs’ branch.

  4. Django-syncr - Project Hosting on Google Code

    The “official” django-syncr source, but not updated since December 2008.

  5. Django-syncr: Synchronize Django with the web |

    Introduction to django-syncr, which grabs Twitter, Flickr, Delicious, etc stuff from your accounts to your own Django-powered website.

  6. YouTube - The London Nobody Knows (Part 1 of 4) Documentary

    ‘The London Nobody Knows’ has found its way to YouTube. Watch, if you haven’t seen it, and you like/know London, in case it disappears.


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    Futile, but: @jtaschek, @stevegillmor My tweet about Twitter's Mac app didn't say "#fail". Don't put dumb, knee-jerk hashtags in my mouth :)

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    Having said that about the O2, I forget how much advertising there is in tube stations. And they don't have the compensation of fun rides.

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    Things you never hear: "The O2 needs more advertising inside it."

    Greenwich, England, United Kingdom

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    I go through Docklands so rarely, and every time I'm stunned that a place like this can be willed into existence.

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    @mildlydiverting I misremembered the earlier tweet as "Bristol South", as in the parliamentary constituency. Which seems more appropriate.

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