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2007-09-19 (Wednesday)


  1. Stephen Fry » Blog Archive » Device and Desires

    Splendid essay about all the smartphones he’s owned. He cares, he knows what he’s talking about, he’s such a lovely, lovely geek. (via ChrisDodo)

  2. Shimano pedals PDM324 - on one :: Calderdale’s 2nd biggest bike company

    I’m starting to think about clipless pedals and these sound good for me.

  3. Orbicule | Undercover | F.A.Q.

    Fascinating software and service to help trace your Mac if it’s stolen. Even sounds vaguely feasible. (via Daring Fireball)

  4. Crooked Timber » » Globollocks Watch

    I like the “objective” scoring of articles. I want to do something similar to calculate genuine “newsworthiness”… +1 per person killed, +1 per million dollars stolen, etc. (via Nick Sweeney)

  5. LastGraph: Home

    Create completely stunning and fascinating colourful graphs of your data. The best way I’ve ever seen of getting a good impression of what you’ve listened to. If only I had data for my whole life of listening. (via Plasticbag)

  6. – the Blog · Audio Fingerprinting for Clean Metadata

    Help identify tracks, albums and artists better, in return for a future free API. Pretty slow going on my ageing PowerBook though. (via Plasticbag)

  7. The Morning News - Still Life

    Awesome photo of a shattering ceramic figure. (via Rodcorp)

  8. What single book is the best introduction to your field (or specialization within your field) for laypeople? | Ask MetaFilter

    I’m fascinated by the single book that summarises an entire field, and here’s a list of loads. Some are a bit too opinion-based (eg Jane Jacobs, as good as she is) rather than fact-based, but maybe I’m a pedant. (via ChrisDodo)


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    Uncannily happy.

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    Cleaned the floors, had dinner, now sorting out a pile of accumulated paperwork while loving music.

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    I've got to find a good route to cycle between White City and Portland Place, keeping well between the Westway and Hyde Park.

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    At White City. The smells of workplaces one hasn't visited for a while are incredibly distinctive and proustmadeleine- like.