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2011-08-25 (Thursday)


  1. Xdissent/ievms - GitHub

    “Automated installation of the Microsoft IE App Compat virtual machines.” So you can test web stuff in IE on your Mac. (via Tom Taylor)

  2. How can safety at advanced stop zones be improved for cyclists? | Jorren Knibbe | Environment |

    Interesting if you’re a little too obsessed with cars and cyclists who break the law at junctions. I hadn’t realised cars are allowed to stop in ASZs if they’re already there when the light turns red.

  3. Vincent van Gogh The Letters

    When the (£450) book of letters came out I thought “that’d make a great website.” I didn’t imagine anything as good as this. Amazing, beautiful stuff. (via @holgate)


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    Playing 'Call My Bluff' with my wife using gnomic phrases @stml scribbled on Post-It notes. She can never guess which are real ideas.

    Hillingdon, England, United Kingdom

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    Enjoying watching @tomtaylor have his 8th nap today.

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    @benterrett Is that a rehearsal for your SXSW panel?

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    @ianbetteridge @Zoonie I can’t stop seeing it now...

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    @revdancatt *quick calculation* 20% of all web development ever... I reckon that’s at least fifteen quid. My maths might be off though.

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    @revdancatt If I knew enough, I’d love to do a rough calculation for how much IE’s rubbishness has cost global industry over the years.

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    @megp I have coffee, but biscuits will have to wait for a restocking of @BRIGstatus... due shortly. Fingers crossed..

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    Breakfast at 6; Yoga at 7; Shower at 8; Meeting at 9; Office at 10. What excitement will 11am bring?