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2007-05-11 (Friday)

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  1. Rabbit, Rabbit. on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    I was going to say I saw one not so long ago in Holborn tube, but it appears “not so long ago” was…

  2. Moving Target: Cyclists to be banned from using the road

    Anyone wanting to contact their MP can do it easily (and for free) via


  1. SMS Text News » 07624* is billed by Three and T-Mobile as an international text?

    Twitter’s new UK SMS number will, on T-Mobile and maybe Three, still cost you silly money to use and won’t be included in your bundle.

  2. Testy Copy Editors :: Index

    Copy Editors’ forum. I’m getting obsessed with finding niche forums. phpBB (via Kottke)

  3. Timbuk2 Bags - Pro Series Backpack

    Should I need a cycling backpack, looks good.

  4. Moving Target Forum - All Discussions

    UK cycle courier forum. (Vanilla seems like the forum software of choice.)

  5. All Discussions - London Fixed Gear & Single Speed

    Bicycles. Mostly seem to know each other from real life. Uses Vanilla.


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    "You don't need firelighters to set fire to a dog Jeremy!"

  • philgyford’s avatar

    Confused over potential bicycle purchase - large Filmores sold out. May have to give up on rear rack to widen the choice of single-speed.

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    New UK Twitter number (+447624801423) might *still* cost you stupid money to text to: