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2011-10-10 (Monday)


  1. London Cycling Campaign | Campaigns | Key campaigns | Blackfriars | People-friendly Blackfriars

    Pretty impressive graphics and animations for an alternative vision of a tricky junction, as competition for the official and protested-against plans.

  2. Noah Raford » Complete PhD Online

    “Large Scale Participatory Futures Systems: a Comparative Study of Online Scenario Planning Approaches” focused on the field of urban planning. I would like to work out how to make time to read this. (via @cityofsound)

  3. The last days of a legendary gay venue | From the Guardian | The Guardian

    Awww, that’s a shame. Gay or not, First Out was a lovely little cafe. Progress, eh?


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    @studio_gal @samuelpepys didn't write anything for a couple of weeks. There are brief updates on his travels here:

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    @alanconnor Yeah, that was really good, more please! We just haven’t got the knack yet.

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    Several weeks of reading @alanconnor’s Guardian Crossword Blog and… I still can’t solve a single cryptic clue. Onward…

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    @revdancatt Isn’t Bj\u00f6rk this week’s hottest post-witch-dub-glam-folk act?

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    @gwire Marmite can be very strong in large amounts. I expect it’s Health & Safety in action.

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    @JamesWallis And I’d used Timeworks (a Ventura clone) on my Atari ST. It was fine. But I’d have preferred to use the college’s Macs.

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    Yay! MT @suegyford: From today I’m health reporter at Edinburgh Evening News 0131 620 8671 if you've health tales