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2011-01-27 (Thursday)



  1. Grenson | Men’s Shoes, Men’s Brogues, Mens Boots, Handmade Shoes, British Shoes

    Some nice shoes, the name of which I’ll forget. (via Antimega)

  2. LRB · Iain Sinclair · The Raging Peloton

    He has a nice turn of phrase but Iain Sinclair is a gloomy, misanthropic reactionary who thinks the only people who can ride bikes authentically are the 1950s working class and eccentric poets. One wonders why he still lives in London.


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    This year I'm finally discovering the zen-ness of rescheduling unfinished tasks for a few days' time. All done!

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    @Betsy_Trotwood As @samuelpepys' description says, his tweets are from 1668, and the same day. Same with

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    I only nearly fell asleep during it, so 'Du Goudron et Des Plumes' at the Barbican must be quite good for physical theatre.

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    @maxgadney If I had the time I'd make WordPress themes based on 1990s style GeoCities/hand-coded websites.

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    Jim Murphy, shadow defence secretary: "[some people] thought we [Labour] didn't go far enough in introducing more CCTV." My mind boggles.

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    Can't believe I googled "Super Bowl" (to find date) before I've seen the play-off highlights. Spoiling idiot spoiler-finding spoileroo.