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2010-08-11 (Wednesday)


  1. BLDGBLOG: On the Road Again

    A bunch of links that, while fascinating, you shouldn’t read if you’re feeling at all pessimistic about things. This isn’t the future I was hoping for.

  2. London Cycle Hire Explorer

    Tom Taylor’s nice site for exploring data about London’s cycle hire stations - graphs showing their activity over time.

  3. HTML5 Boilerplate - A rock-solid default for HTML5 awesome.

    Even if you don’t use the whole thing, it’s a nice collection of handy little JavaScript/CSS/.htaccess techniques in one place.


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    Pleased that with Airfoil I can sit on sofa and play music from this laptop to that one, the one connected to speakers. #firstworldsolutions

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    One box disappeared, fifteen to go. I'm just shuffling history around really. Sorting, re-packing. Still weighed down.

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    Archigram + post-apocalypse + Lego = Probably mainly for @moleitau I guess. (via @wendyinfutures)

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    Very slowly plotting the paths of 17th century London roads on Google Maps.

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    @tomtaylor Very nice! The least active station, Bunhill Row, is currently out of service, with black and yellow tape wrapped round it.

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    @suegyford Is that wrong? I've been assuming Pepys is a model of behaviour to emulate... Oh.

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    @suegyford Yes, and cheese-cakeS - plural cheese-cakes! Pepys is living the dream!

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    Running late, switched on @r4Today and found @markopilkington talking UFOs! Coincidence...!? (Hello Mark.)

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    Translating tweets for @jwheare, original tweet ours: 'jus clocked its bare nice outside, proper neek innit'