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2007-07-20 (Friday)


  1. Hubjub—Fixed gear in the UK

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  2. How Top Bloggers Earn Money

    I’m fascinated by people making decent amounts of money from this stuff, particularly when it happens almost accidentally. (via Daring Fireball)

  3. Tong Family Blog: Lame switches

    Modern equivalents for LAME switches (I’ve been using ‘—alt-preset standard’ all this time).

  4. iLAS

    Almost identical to iTunes-LAME, except it works. And with a newer version of LAME. What I’m now using.

  5. StuMoD - freight train of wit and cleverosity

    NMP3 Ripper is another alternative for encoding MP3s using LAME, but I haven’t tried it.

  6. Max from

    Blacktree’s iTunes-LAME script for encoding MP3s with LAME malfunctions with recent versions of iTunes. Max is an alternative, but seems a bit overkill just for this job.

  7. LRB | Rosemary Hill : Keep Calm

    An account of the Co-operative Correspondence Club (early 20C women’s letter-writing distribution network). Also rather moving as the century continues and the women age.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Very enjoyable climactic end of year celebration/ graduation/ barbecue/ farewell. Feel too old/ dull to go to the party later tonight though

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    Watching The Mighty Boosh while ploughing through a mammoth backlog of Byliner moderation.

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    About to bake scones for this afternoon's end of year "bring food from your own country" party. Good to see the weather playing its part.