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2007-08-17 (Friday)

Comments I've posted on other sites

  1. Art and Heart: A painful, piteous rite of passage

    Ouch, sorry to read about the accident, but pleased that there’s no permanent damage and you’re on…


  1.—Reviews | Midge Bar

    I have one of these (with a bike attached) on its way. Includes a guide to setting it up properly.

  2. jQuery for JavaScript programmers

    What it says, by Simon Willison. For next time I delve into jQuery. (via Yoz and Blech)

  3. Family Tree - Comics UK

    I hoped this existed and it does! Wonderful. Try ‘Buster’ as a title. Awesome.

  4. BBC - Writersroom - Scriptsmart - Script Formats

    Different formats for film, TV, radio and stage scripts.

  5. Celtx - Overview

    Free, good-looking software for writing scripts, storyboards, planning productions, etc.

  6. Doonesbury (db930827.gif)

    “Egg freckles?” To save me finding it again.

  7. Freesound :: home page

    Creative Commons licensed sound effects.

  8. Gapingvoid: how to be creative

    Looks like a good read. “Just get on with it” probably summing much of it up.


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    Following @yoz's suggestion and updating many web profiles to use passwords created by

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    Belatedly noticing that Facebook's 'Compare People' app tells the winner how you voted by default, and wondering what I've said.