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Links tagged with “via:tomtaylor”

  1. About | Buttondown

    Really nice looking email newsletter service. (via Tom Taylor)

  2. Onym

    Nice long list of dictionaries and tools and things to help with coming up with names for things. (via Tom Taylor)

  3. 8 Lessons from 20 Years of Hype Cycles | Michael Mullany | LinkedIn

    Reviewing past Gartner Hype Cycles. They could do with an alternative line that forks from the trough of disillusionment down into the abyss of failure. (via @tomtaylor)

  4. WaveNet: A Generative Model for Raw Audio | DeepMind

    The babbling nonsensical speech in the “Knowi What to Say” section is really eerie. Like the sound of a computer becoming sentient moments before it decides all humans should die. (via @tomtaylor)

  5. Building with Make - Device Ready

    A nice introduction to using Make to build your JS files, run other tasks, etc. (via Tom Taylor)

  6. A Modern Python Development Toolchain · Chris Krycho

    Nice clear summary. I’ve never used pyenv but looks like I should. (via Tom Taylor)

  7. Discover Weekly Archive by hansjuergenbardenhagen - IFTTT

    “Every Monday, this Recipe will automatically add the 30 tracks on your Discover Weekly playlist to a personal Discover Weekly Archive playlist.” (via @tomtaylor)

  8. First, Let’s Get Rid of All the Bosses | The New Republic

    On Zappos’ weird non-organisational organisation. Sounds like a nightmare. (via @tomtaylor a while back)


    Draw on a map, or import geo data files, and get the data out in various other formats. Beautifully simple. (via Tom Taylor)

  10. How We Use Trello for Product Design and Development

    Always nice to see real-world descriptions of how people use nice project management tools. (via Tom Taylor)

  11. The Economist’s Tom Standage on digital strategy and the limits of a model based on advertising » Nieman Journalism Lab

    Really good interview, on finishability, advertising, types of digital news models. (via Tom Taylor)

  12. Every Noise at Once

    Clickable, listenable, expandable map of musical genres from Echonest data. Nice. (via @tomtaylor)

  13. How Apple Makes the Watch — Atomic Delights

    An explanation of the shots in Apple’s video about making their Watch, for those of us who know little about manufacturing or how impressive the processes might be. (via Tom Taylor)

  14. Hardware by the Numbers (Part 1: Team + Prototyping) — Medium

    Four parts. I’m not overly fascinated by making hardware, but enjoy reading general starting/growing-a-business experience, even if it’s focused on making a business with the aim of exiting. (via Tom Taylor)

  15. Website Style Guide Resources

    “Things people have written about style guides.” Many links. (via Tom Taylor)

  16. Sass Guidelines

    Really good, whether you agree with all the decisions or not. I now want to reorganise all my Sass files. (via Tom Taylor)

  17. Why Audio Never Goes Viral

    A good, interesting read. Also just generally about what makes something go viral. (via Tom Taylor)

  18. dariusk/corpora · GitHub

    JSON files of lots of odd sets of data for making stuff with. I keep thinking of it as Pears Cyclopedia in JSON form. (via @tomtaylor)

  19. The Old Guard – Rands in Repose

    On the pattern of a group of people staring something and, as it expands, new people join and try to understand and codify the accumulated knowledge that is used by the original group through instinct alone. And the conflict that results. (via Tom Taylor)

  20. Medium’s CSS is actually pretty f***ing good. — Medium

    On creating Medium’s CSS style guide. Really good. I’d love to read more things like this. (via Tom Taylor)

  21. User Onboarding | A frequently-updated compendium of web app first-run experiences

    Really, really good detailed step-by-step look at how various services get users signed up. (via Tom Taylor)

  22. Variance

    Nice web charting/visualization thing, using a markup-based system for data, with appearance editable using CSS. Somewhere between Raphael/d3 and simple charting libraries. Costs money for commercial use. (via Tom Taylor)

  23. Twelve-Factor WordPress App | Roots

    How to develop on and deploy WordPress in a sensible way (eg, no more FTP). Handy, on the day I started a new WordPress site at work. (via Tom Taylor)

  24. Dashing - The exceptionally handsome dashboard framework.

    Ruby thing that lets you combine and make widgets for displaying stuff in nice drag-and-droppable dashboards. Looks good. (via:tomtaylor)

  25. Lacuna Books

    Online tool for writing books and papers. Long content, footnotes etc, output to HTML and, for $10, EPUB and PDF. Looks good. (via Tom Taylor)

  26. CSS Architecture | Appfolio Engineering

    Lots of good thoughts on structuring CSS. (via Tom Taylor)

  27. WebPagetest - Website Performance and Optimization Test

    Very detailed graphs and stuff. (via @tomtaylor)

  28. Are there any good films on iPlayer?

    Jolly good. Do one thing well. (via Tom Taylor)

  29. Posterous cofounders create a replacement: Posthaven | Hacker News

    I hoped this would be an interesting discussion on what it means to promise that an online service would be around “forever”, but it’s nearly all cynical, snarky people saying “people should host their own server!” and arguing about apostrophe usage. (via Tom Taylor)

  30. Discourse

    New open source discussion forum type software. Brilliant that people are doing this, given how old-fashioned forum software still is. Requires IE 10 and similar though. (via Tom Taylor)

  31. Yesterday, I Went to the American Idol for Startups. It Made Me Want to Die. | Slog

    “Everywhere I look, I see tiny little ideas, ideas that are almost petty in their inconsequentiality.” (via Tom Taylor)

  32. Descriptive Camera

    A “camera” that outputs descriptions of the scene using Mechanical Turk. Very lovely. (via @tomtaylor)

  33. Essential JavaScript Design Patterns

    Looks very, very good. But seeing this all on one page, rather than in book format makes my brain shake like it’s about to explode. Too. Much. Stuff. To. Know. (via Tom Taylor)

  34. Debunking the Cul-de-Sac - Design - The Atlantic Cities

    Looking at the change of US city layouts from grids to increasingly dead-end cul-de-sacs. (via Tom Taylor)

  35. Home - Scalable and Modular Architecture for CSS

    Interesting as an in-depth discussion of structuring CSS for a large project, something I’d like to see more of. (via Tom Taylor)

  36. Why I Feel Bad for the Pepper-Spraying Policeman, Lt. John Pike - Atlantic Mobile

    Tracing the increasing militarisation of the US police, and the use of what was once drastic force to stamp out any behaviour deemed slightly abnormal.

  37. “Secret” Firmware lets Late ‘08 MacBooks use 8GB. | Other World Computing Blog

    Ooh, blimey, looks like I could double the RAM in my three-year-old MacBook. (via Tom Taylor)

  38. Scott Chacon on the Interwebs - GitHub Flow

    How GitHub manage their own git workflow. Sounds good to me. (via Tom Taylor)

  39. Taco Bell and the Golden Age of Drive-Thru - BusinessWeek

    On the processes and efficiencies in fast food restaurant kitchens. I had no idea 70% of US fast-food business was drive-thrus. (via Tom Taylor)

  40. Charlie’s Diary: The High Frontier, Redux

    Charles Stross on why space colonisation is a ridiculous idea. Colonising our own deserts and oceans is much, much easier but we’re in no rush to do that. (via Tom Taylor)

  41. Xdissent/ievms - GitHub

    “Automated installation of the Microsoft IE App Compat virtual machines.” So you can test web stuff in IE on your Mac. (via Tom Taylor)

  42. Olduse

    Brilliant. A 30-year delayed “live” archive of Usenet. I must remember to come back when it reaches 1995. (via Tom Taylor)

  43. / Arts / Film & Television - Joking apart

    Stewart Lee on things being what they are, on the wrongness of turning one thng — a book, performance, etc — into another. (via Tom Taylor)

  44. Locks that work - London Fixed-gear and Single-speed

    Looks like a nicely comprehensive list of the good bike locks. (via tomtaylor)

  45. The Best Word Book Ever,1963 and 1991. - a set on Flickr

    Fascinating look at the changes in Richard Scarry’s childrens’ picture book. “Beautiful screaming lady” is a favourite 1963 phrase. (via Tom Taylor)

  46. Potlatch: An open letter to the hipster

    Will Davies calling on hipsters to be more politically aware (to very crudely summarise). Reminds me a bit of Adam Curtis at The Story talking about how the stories we tell online ignore the political structure of the net. (via Tom Taylor)

  47. Building a recommendation engine, foursquare style | Foursquare Engineering Blog

    Nice description of how Foursquare developed their tool for recommending places to you in Foursquare v3. (via Tom Taylor)

  48. ASCII by Jason Scott / A Valentine from Archive Team

    Surprise! Yahoo is deleting even *more* user-created content. This time Yahoo Video. It’s like Yahoo! doesn’t feel hated enough yet. But I keep loving Archive Team more. (via Tom Taylor)

  49. Collective2 - Find the trading strategy best for you

    A site for finding different stock market trading algorithms. Some very nice touches, but still bewildering to me. I could get so lost in this stuff if I had the time. (via Tom Taylor)


    “GOODS-IN and WASTE-OUT computer-guided, lightweight capsules, travelling through dozens of interlinking 150 km circuits.” Property crazy-looking 1990s style website too. Brilliant. (via @tomtaylor)

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