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2013-03-17 (Sunday)


  1. ViziCities development diary #1: One month in | Rawkes

    This is great. Not just an interesting project — making a SimCity-like 3D view of a city’s data, on the web — but a lovely high-level (no actual code) description of learning how to solve and improve something. (via @neb)

  2. Are there any good films on iPlayer?

    Jolly good. Do one thing well. (via Tom Taylor)


  • philgyford’s avatar

    @neb That post’s such a nice high-level description of learning how to solve/improve something!

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    Part-way through a laborious and detailed web-based task that’s taking way more time than it’s worth. I know, right, it’s so unlike me.

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    Opting out of “Online Behavioral Advertising”. Again. I can’t imagine how creepy it’ll seem when it’s in my glasses, and not just a browser.

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    @johnlewisretail It’s creepy (and unnecessary) that having bought a washing machine on your site I now see your ads for them on other sites.

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    @plsj sleep well!