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2011-03-27 (Sunday)



  1. Ipswich man in Japanese Earthquake, in 1923 | Kindred Spirit

    My grandad’s account of his amazing survival in the Yokohama earthquake in 1923 at the age of 21, including photos. (This little link seems far too brief for something like this.)

  2. Potlatch: An open letter to the hipster

    Will Davies calling on hipsters to be more politically aware (to very crudely summarise). Reminds me a bit of Adam Curtis at The Story talking about how the stories we tell online ignore the political structure of the net. (via Tom Taylor)

  3. Exquisite Tweets from @kaygeeuk, @Danny_Saxby, @m1ndy9876, @MissEllieMae, @ARRJAYKAY, @BenDylan, @kevmcveigh, @squashypigeon, @sliderulesyou, @oliverburkeman

    Highly edited (none of the retweets for a start) version of the “Sky reporters offered protestors £25 to throw bricks” rumour spreading on Twitter, curated by me.

  4. Building a recommendation engine, foursquare style | Foursquare Engineering Blog

    Nice description of how Foursquare developed their tool for recommending places to you in Foursquare v3. (via Tom Taylor)


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    Mighty vexed by spending all day working on Pepys. Hey ho, as he wouldn’t say.

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    Following the Japanese earthquake - my grandad survived the Yokohama earthquake of 1923 - here's his account and photos

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    @sunny_hundal Definitely. Rumour apparently based off one stranger recounting this to someone in the street. *Talk* of witnesses, but who?

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    Good lord, Ping tries to make me dislike it more by automatically posting my activity to Twitter? *shakes fist pointlessly*

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    @GreatDismal @TWUncut Where are the witnesses? Here’s the Sky News / £25 / bricks rumour unfolding on Twitter:

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    My tweeting is all fingers and thubms this afternoon.

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    Edited highlights of the “Sky reporters offering protestors £25 to throw bricks” rumour unfolding: /cc @sunny_hundal

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    Oops, correct URL on the way...

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    You just don’t get many pop songs about events in jail these days.

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    Reading books about music history is completely difference since Spotify. Wonderful. Headphones now full of Leiber & Stoller.