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2012-04-25 (Wednesday)


  1. New Plan To Redevelop Centre Point

    Interesting in itself but also for the developer saying that in the long term, Centre Point will only be sustainable if turned into flats. Nice!

  2. Modern Web Development

    Pretty comprehensive and good look at the Chrome developer tools. A bunch of things I didn’t know or had simply ignored. (via @simonw)

  3. Descriptive Camera

    A “camera” that outputs descriptions of the scene using Mechanical Turk. Very lovely. (via @tomtaylor)


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    @alruii @denisewilton Tasty.

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    @alruii @denisewilton Did you use Nectar Jewels 2? Oh, Blush Noisette 3, how about that one?

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    .@denisewilton is trying to choose colours. Please help her by suggesting good colours.

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    @denisewilton You should totally ask your twitter followers for their opinion on best colours.

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    What are you doing? / What? / Did you double dip that economy? / Excuse me? / You double dipped! From now on, just take one dip and end it.

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    But, you know, now I’m here… More typing!

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    Sometimes I look at complex code, or all the tech stuff I can’t keep up with, and think I should have stuck to illustrating or designing.