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2015-01-12 (Monday)


  1. Sass Guidelines

    Really good, whether you agree with all the decisions or not. I now want to reorganise all my Sass files. (via Tom Taylor)

  2. Neo Classic Space

    “LEGO fans around the world have built new models, borrowing the style and colour schemes of those early [Classic Space] sets, but using newer parts and building techniques to add more detail and realism.” Some lovely stuff.


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    @TonyAgeh I'm not, as I'm not aware of (m)any people I know using it. But maybe they are. Maybe they're hiding from me.

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    @pkqk @tomstuart @Charlotteis I never found anything that stopped me feeling baffled and randomly typing commands.

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    @pkqk @tomstuart @charlotteis I would love a good description of how to use bundler and rbenv/rvm for people who know virtualenv.

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    @paulpod Ooh, that's lovely.