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2011-02-22 (Tuesday)

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  1. The Sartorialist: On the Street….London Color Story, London

    I haven’t seen anyone suggest that maybe this colour combination is inspired by the teal and orange…


  1. C21Media: C21Media to launch Silicon Roundabout Insider

    Oh dear oh dear. Makes me feel punchy. That must also be a candidate for most unbearably animated page on the Internet. (via @mattb)

  2. Hundreds of Tourist Photos Weaved into One (18 total) - My Modern Metropolis

    Really stunning images of tourist sites made out of hundreds of overlaid tourist snaps. Beautiful. I want these on my walls. (via Blech)

  3. The REAL Death Of The Music Industry

    Some good graphs and stats about the US recorded music industry. I’m amazed at how few albums and singles per capita are bought, even at the industry’s peak (now: 1.25 albums, 3.7 singles, per year). (via Daring Fireball)

  4. The Sartorialist: On the Street….London Color Story, London

    Some Londoners appear to be dressing themselves after that Hollywood movie teal-and-orange colour grading craze.

  5. One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age | Digging through the Geocities Torrent

    A blog outlining some peoples’ explorations of the torrent of all the archived GeoCities data. Some lovely old bits of early web archaeology in there.

  6. ASCII by Jason Scott / A Valentine from Archive Team

    Surprise! Yahoo is deleting even *more* user-created content. This time Yahoo Video. It’s like Yahoo! doesn’t feel hated enough yet. But I keep loving Archive Team more. (via Tom Taylor)

  7. Programming Amazon EC2 - O’Reilly Media

    This book’s just come out. Anyone read it? Any good? Any other recommendations for getting up to speed with hosting on AWS? Ta.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Phew, got today's code working. Hoping this closure (ha ha, programming joke!) means I won't have to dream about JavaScript.

  • philgyford’s avatar

    My desire to be somewhere sunny and spacious in America reaching a peak. It must be the end of a grey February in London.