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2011-02-07 (Monday)


  1. Whoops! by John Lanchester

    Notes on the book about the financial crash.


  1. BBC - WW2 People’s War

    At least one of those BBC sites, a good one, threatened with deletion/archiving/whatever is already archived by the British Library here. I haven’t looked for others.

  2. Isotope

    Blimey, that’s a whizzy bit of jQuery for rearranging things on a page. I’m expecting to see a whole lot of that soon. (via Daring Fireball)

  3. Collective2 - Find the trading strategy best for you

    A site for finding different stock market trading algorithms. Some very nice touches, but still bewildering to me. I could get so lost in this stuff if I had the time. (via Tom Taylor)


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    @simonw At least the British Library have archived the BBC WW2 People’s War site:

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    @revdancatt Yay, I like them both... I didn’t know there was a connection? The ‘Sugar Water’ video is lovely:

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    @revdancatt Have the free one gradually insert more and more typos until it’s incomprehensible. A graduated free trial version.

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    @denisewilton Thatcher resigned while I was waiting for some just-processed film to dry. Coincidence?! We should shoot on film more.

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    @basil That would require... another script! Excellent.

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    Not sure if writing an elaborate script to fetch data for a couple of presentation slides is clever or the worst kind of procrastination.

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    @expansysUK Your friendly phone folks took care of it very well, thanks. Just frustrating to wait a week and then have to cancel order.

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    Oh @expansysUK, how can something be “shipped” but not “despatched”? Customer service friendly and efficient, but still. You buffleheads.

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    Lovely dentist is lovely. Good start to the week.