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2011-04-01 (Friday)

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  1. Life Drawing | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    Yeah, it’s lovely. Nice and simple but plenty of information there. And it looks like you were…



  1. The Best Word Book Ever,1963 and 1991. - a set on Flickr

    Fascinating look at the changes in Richard Scarry’s childrens’ picture book. “Beautiful screaming lady” is a favourite 1963 phrase. (via Tom Taylor)


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    @tomtaylor Jelly bean addiction might look cool and “sick” but it’s a very real problem. We’re here for you Tom.

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    After adding 47,478 <a href>s to this text over the years I seem to be slowing up drastically.

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    @spaceboy Look at map on Flickr! Backstreets south of Great Eastern Street.

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    Looks a bit office-parties-and-tequila but I'm still excited by prospect of Mexican-ish breakfasts near the office.

    Hackney, England, United Kingdom

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    There aren’t many job ads this ideal for someone who loves both Django and karaoke (which isn’t me):

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    @denisewilton You’re supposed to add “USE THIS ONE 2” to the name of the correct file.

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    @tomcoates @cityofsound That kind of thing Just Works (most of the time) if you use Echofon on each device. So good.