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2013-09-08 (Sunday)


  1. Dashing - The exceptionally handsome dashboard framework.

    Ruby thing that lets you combine and make widgets for displaying stuff in nice drag-and-droppable dashboards. Looks good. (via:tomtaylor)


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    @jomc @iamdanw Another TV series: Felicity. Especially good because time travel is so unexpected at the end of four seasons of teen angst.

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    @joe_malia Aye.

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    Although it might require a few cycles of Moore’s Law before that’s feasible. BUT WE CAN DREAM OF SUCH A WORLD!

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    Imagine a world in which the NSA’s computing power was devoted to creating the metadata for jazz/classical digital music tracks.

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    Got thinking what Breaking Bad would look like in any other industrialized nation on Earth:

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    I suspect I have just found my key slide picture for future talks about project management.

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    Black cab driver gave me a big discount, so I gave him a big tip, so he gave me some of it back. English haggling