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  1. Your Job is Political: Tech Money in Politics

    Whether you agree or not with the activities of the VCs mentioned here, it’s good to be reminded that working for VC-funded startups doesn’t only make the VC richer (if all goes well), but funds whatever they want to spend their money on. Do you know what that is?

  2. Makeshift // Catalogue // Pylons of Great Britain

    Paricularly for the spotter’s guide image of different pylon designs, and the construction diagrams. (via

  3. How low (power) can you go? - Charlie’s Diary

    Charlie Stross takes Moore’s Law and Koomey’s Law (improving power consumption) for a walk and imagines a very, very conmected city. (via blech)

  4. Underworld’s brief to ‘frighten people’ at the London 2012 opening ceremony | Music | The Guardian

    “The contrast between this summer’s two uber-spectaculars – the diamond jubilee concert and the Olympics opening ceremony – couldn’t be starker.” Yes, it felt like we’ve moved on from big events requiring 1980s musicians. (via Blech)

  5. Britain: this is for everyone - newsmary

    On the Olympic opening ceremony: “The opening, pastoral and construction scenes showed clear class delineations; the joyous riot of music and popular culture that grew from it showed disparate, distinct but equal individuals. There’s a vision of utopia there, and it is neither homogenous nor segregated.” (via Blech)

  6. Five Years After Banning Outdoor Ads, Brazil’s Largest City Is More Vibrant Than Ever

    I’d love this in London. Well, any and every city really. (via Blech)

  7. Why Spotify can never be profitable: The secret demands of record labels — Tech News and Analysis

    A look at the “demands that digital music companies [like Spotify, Rdio, etc] are compelled to agree to” by the major record labels. “Onerous” would be a word. (via Blech)

  8. Why Twitter’s Oral Culture Irritates Bill Keller (and why this is an important issue) | technosociology

    Very good, and worth some time. On how Twitter is conversation, and how that compares with written language that some people are concerned is threatened by social media. (via @blech)

  9. Scaffoldage

    A great Tumblr blog of photos of very impressive scaffolding. Better than that sounds. (Thanks @blech)

  10. 5.1 Reference Manual :: mysql Tips | MySQL - Using the —safe-updates Option

    Stops you doing updates and deletes on the entire database, generally by accident. —i-am-a-dummy is a synonym. (via blech)

  11. Sohei Nishino - Diorama map London (Detailed info)

    Stunning photographic collage photo-maps of cities. Currently at Michael Hoppen Gallery, SW3 3TD until 2nd April. (via Blech)

  12. Hundreds of Tourist Photos Weaved into One (18 total) - My Modern Metropolis

    Really stunning images of tourist sites made out of hundreds of overlaid tourist snaps. Beautiful. I want these on my walls. (via Blech)

  13. On River Maps « somethingaboutmaps

    Not so much for the Harry Beck-style interpretation of the Mississippi River System, but for the interesting explanation of the decisions and compromises involved in the exercise. (via Blech)

  14. The Viral Me: Devin Friedman Investigates the New World of Social Networking: Big Issues: GQ

    Quite a good description of the Silicon Valley start-up scene, and why people want to use all these social sites/apps, by someone who starts off not really understanding it all. (via Blech)

  15. Wikileaks Exposes Internet’s Dissent Tax, not Nerd Supremacy - Zeynep Tufekci - Technology - The Atlantic

    “the Internet is somewhat akin to shopping malls, which seem like public spaces but in which the rights of citizens are restricted, as they are in fact private.” (via Blech and more)

  16. Archive Fever: a love letter to the post real-time web |

    Yes. It should be easier to access our old online stuff. We should archive it more often. There should be better ways to explore archives. I am interested. (via Blech)

  17. Delicious blog » Changes to Save and Share

    I usually don’t mind changes to sites that get lots of users stupidly riled up but, a few nice details aside, the new Delicious ‘Save’ window does seem a step backward in several ways. And, ouch, that’s a lot of unhappy users. (via Blech)

  18. Momento Is Perhaps The Perfect Passive Diary App

    A few people have mentioned this (article via Blech). It really is a very, very good iPhone app — aggregates your feeds from many services, displays them nicely in a diary, lets you export all the aggregated data. More than worth £1.19.

  19. Call for participation for PDA 2011

    Ooh: Personal Digital Archiving 2011 Conference. Sounds very interesting indeed. Hmm, San Francisco in February… (via Blech)

  20. Apres Garde

    Another Tumblr blog of scenes from Google Streetview, this time more “artistic”/beautiful shots, rather than quirky. Stunning. (via Blech)

  21. Free Map of London (Communities and Open Space Survey) 1943 from the Probert Encyclopaedia Map Archive

    More precise than the previous 1943 map of London areas and/but very nice. (via Blech)

  22. Designswarm thoughts » Blog Archive » The politician’s handbook to East London

    Alex in very, very good form on the East London Tech City initiative. I have the same unease about equating small start-ups with providing good space and conditions for huge tech companies. Related, but different things and requirements. (via Blech)

  23. War Cabinet (ukwarcabinet) on Twitter

    World War II told daily in tweets and links to web pages where you can add free PDFs to your shopping cart, check out, give your email address, and finally download them. Nice idea, spoiled by execution. (via @blech)

  24. Art Fag City » IMG MGMT: The Nine Eyes of Google Street View

    First, interesting essay on Google Street View as photography/art. Second, really wonderful photos found around the world on it. (via Blech)

  25. Taking a walk in the clouds - Times Online

    An article from 2004 by Bob Stanley on London’s raised pedestrian walkways. (via Blech)

  26. Bitquabit - The One in Which I Call Out Hacker News

    Aside from being specifically about people who think they can rewrite StackOverflow in a weekend, great as an example of where the complexity lies in a website. (via Blech)

  27. Michael Moorcock, Alan Moore, Iain Sinclair « Mostly on McSweeney’s!

    A very nicely written set of notes about that discussion at the British Library a week ago. (via Blech)

  28. London Underground Tube Diary - Going Underground’s Blog

    Inside those tube carriages you can see on top of a viaduct in Shoreditch. Shame the video’s no longer available. (via Blech)

  29. Jacobian’s jellyroll at master - GitHub

    “You keep personal data in all sorts of places on the internets. Jellyroll brings them together onto your own site.” Sounds good, but haven’t tried it. (via Blech)

  30. Adactio: Journal—Magnoliloss

    On backing up his Magnolia links and wondering how to back up the rest of his distributed online life. (via Blech)

  31. Facing up to Fonts | Slides and notes

    Interesting presentation on which fonts are available to use on the web, and how best to specify combinations of them. (via Blech)

  32. ASCII by Jason Scott / FUCK THE CLOUD

    A follow-up to the previous link on why keeping your stuff on servers run by other companies is a recipe for trouble. I try to avoid this but some things, like Flickr, make me nervous. (via Blech)


    Launching soon, a backup for Flickr and weblogs. Google Docs, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook backup promised. As I said earlier, all these sites should offer this service by default. (via Blech)

  34. A Typographic Survey of the City of London on Vimeo

    Lovely little video about the typography used in public throughout the City. Only criticism: sound recording is very poor quality. Otherwise, fab. (via Blech)

  35. Hedged down: Practical Django Projects

    For future reference if/when I have a look at this book, updated code examples. (via Blech)

  36. 10 Insanely Useful Django Tips - NETTUTS

    I like insanely useful tips. Just dipping my toes in Python at the mo so this may come in useful. (via Blech)

  37. is serially monomaniacal: Hallelujah

    2007 article about Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ and its covers. Also good on ‘The OC’. More decent writing about TV please. (via Blech)

  38. TheWashCycle: The Myth of the Scofflaw Cyclist

    I think decriminalising cyclists jumping red lights could, possibly, work. But until that happens: don’t. That simple. Enough of the moaning and self-justification. (via Blech)

  39. Ladybird Prints

    Nostalgia prints. Great idea, some lovely illustrations there. (via Blech)

  40. How To Spot A Psychopath :: The Six Ugliest Space Lego Sets :: January :: 2008

    Eesh, some nasty things there. Personally I was always dubious about Space Lego that wasn’t blue and grey. (via Blech)

  41. Leopard finally supporting ssh-agent at login

    To remember when I upgrade. (via Blech)

  42. Colleges and Universities - Education and Schools - Engineering - Technology - Science - New York Times

    Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering sounds different in a good way. “Learning the skill of how to learn is more important than trying to fill every possible cup of knowledge in every possible discipline.” (via Blech)

  43. jQuery for JavaScript programmers

    What it says, by Simon Willison. For next time I delve into jQuery. (via Yoz and Blech)

  44. Mark Fowler’s Journal - Plain Text Wiki, Reworked

    A change to Matt Webb’s plain text wiki in TextMate thingy, to make links [[like this]]. (via Blech)

  45. Correo - a new mail client for OS X

    Thunderbird-based email client from the people who do Camino. (via Blech)

  46. Guardian Unlimited Arts | Arts features | Steve Rose on the renaissance of the Brunswick Centre

    And the history of the its birth. It looks lovely now, and could only be improved by the reappearance of Skoob Books and by calling it the “Brunswick Centre” instead of the “Brunswick”. Stupid pointless re-branding. (via Blech)

  47. Piecing IT together » Blog Archive » Why Calendars are hard

    In the unlikely event I need a summary of why it’s difficult to code decent calendaring. (via Blech)

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