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2008-12-18 (Thursday)


  1. CD Pro CD Storage Sleeve

    One more CD and booklet and rear tray card storing sleeve. This one from $0.56 per sleeve.

  2. CD Accessories - Space-Saving CD Sleeves CD

    Another type of CD sleeve that also holds booklet and rear tray card. From only $0.15 per sleeve.

  3. JewelSleeve - The world’s finest CD storage device!

    Wondering about shifting all my CDs from jewel cases into space-efficient sleeves. These hold the booklet and the rear tray card too. From $0.48 per sleeve.

  4. is serially monomaniacal: Hallelujah

    2007 article about Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’ and its covers. Also good on ‘The OC’. More decent writing about TV please. (via Blech)

  5. Online Backup, Data Backup & Remote Backup Solutions from – Welcome

    One more online backup solution. Heard good things about this in the past I think. [UPDATE: Cool Tools readers gave it the thumbs down.]

  6. CrashPlan – Automatic Offsite Backup » Features - Tech Specs

    Another online backup thing, to backup to your own machine elsewhere or (for a subscription) to their server.

  7. TidBITS Safe Computing: Backblaze Launches Mac Beta of Online Backup Service

    Looks like a great online backup service, currently in private beta. (via Daring Fireball)

  8. STACK independent magazine subscription and delivery

    Subscribe to a mixture of magazines. Lovely idea. The limited selection is a bit too “style” for my taste, but still. (via Russell Davies)


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    I am the King of Getting Things Done. (I am also the Kings of the World, the Hill, the Road, the Jungle, the Castle, and the Death Posture.)

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    A fun evening in making Google Sitemaps. No really, it's quite fun. Isn't it?

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    @paulpod I think a double-pack of 'Rain Dogs' and 'Swordfishtrombones' were my introduction and I reckon they're a good start.

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    4:49am and I've been wide awake for three hours now. What on Earth's wrong with my brain?