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2014-12-22 (Monday)



  1. Your Job is Political: Tech Money in Politics

    Whether you agree or not with the activities of the VCs mentioned here, it’s good to be reminded that working for VC-funded startups doesn’t only make the VC richer (if all goes well), but funds whatever they want to spend their money on. Do you know what that is?


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    @plsj You can say whatever you like and no one will ever see! Never! FACT!

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    @markhurrell Phew, glad I came across them before the year was over. I’m so down with the kids.

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    I hadn’t come across the PC Music label until I listened to StG’s best of 2014 (… ) Crazy fun:

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    Backstarter: crowdfunding for projects you’ve already long since completed for free.

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    If you end up talking to yourself on Twitter, it’s probably best to just delete the tweets, step away, burn down the Internet…