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2009-02-01 (Sunday)


  1. Corner Cottage, St Ives

    We stayed here this past week. Lovely little place, great location, sleeps up to five. St Ives was great, if wet, this time of year: quiet, friendly, beautiful and tasty.

  2. Fraser Speirs – On the Flickr support in iPhoto ‘09

    I know Speirs could be accused of bias but it doesn’t sound like iPhoto ‘09’s Flickr integration is going to be any use to me at all. Sounds awful. (via Daring Fireball)

  3. Mathusalem - Google Code

    Interesting-sounding backup utility for Mac OS X. Backs up in the background to “local drives, iDisk, WebDAV, AFP, SMB, FTP, SFTP or Amazon S3”. Maybe for when StrongSpace finally disappears. (via Tom Taylor on Twitter)

  4. FreeAgent - Online accounting for freelancers and small businesses

    Another online thing for freelance types, this one for accounting. Lots of UK-specific stuff.

  5. YouTube - The T-Mobile Dance

    An IprovEverywhere type stunt as an advert but very nicely done. I love how the participants only gradually join in. (via Preoccupations)

  6. ASCII by Jason Scott / FUCK THE CLOUD

    A follow-up to the previous link on why keeping your stuff on servers run by other companies is a recipe for trouble. I try to avoid this but some things, like Flickr, make me nervous. (via Blech)

  7. ASCII by Jason Scott / Eviction, or the Coming Datapocalypse

    Catching up on stuff… AOL Hometown shut down and wiped all its users’ sites with four weeks’ notice. It’s bad enough when chunks of the web disappear, but worse like this. (via Simon Willison)


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    @plasticbagUK I recently ordered one of these bags but am still waiting for it to arrive so can't recommend yet.

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    @matlock Mmmm, thank you. [Amusing anecdote] I'd better just check the oven. Oh, there's the doorbell...

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    Also at home. Thinking of having a really amazing imaginary dinner for those who aren't dining out with the chosen. Please join me. Wine?

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    Adding hash marks in front of already unique words and phrases because it gives me the illusion I'm in control. #pointless

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    About to combat furious post-holiday ennui and frustration with chores.