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2009-07-06 (Monday)


  1. John Harris asks whether the best writing about pop music hails from a different era | Music | The Guardian

    While I’m at it, I enjoyed this too, about whether music writing isn’t as good as it used to be. It never was. Or maybe it’s always moving so it’s not where you left it.

  2. Potlatch: what’s going on with the music formerly known as ‘indie’?

    A nice piece about how mixed up music is today and what counts as “timeless”. I need to read more good music writing. Maybe I can NewspaperClub my own NME/MM. (via Matt Jones)

  3. Bitquabit - The One in Which I Call Out Hacker News

    Aside from being specifically about people who think they can rewrite StackOverflow in a weekend, great as an example of where the complexity lies in a website. (via Blech)

  4. Elmcity project FAQ « Jon Udell

    A way to aggregate iCalendar feeds about a particular location using Delicious. Looks slightly fiddly but also nice in a loosely-joined kind of way. (via Tom Taylor)

  5. Michael Moorcock, Alan Moore, Iain Sinclair « Mostly on McSweeney’s!

    A very nicely written set of notes about that discussion at the British Library a week ago. (via Blech)


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    @simonw Aah, got you, forgot about potential for being locked out after too many attempts.

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    @simonw Isn't that just... two passwords?

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    Spreadsheets and PDFs for 2008/09 dispatched to accountant. Yay! I need a reward.

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    Home to do life admin. Also, to measure magic long eyebrow hair: almost 30mm. I sense a future in politics.

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    @paulrobertlloyd I'm using Backblaze after recommendations in this thread in which Mozy isn't looked on kindly:

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    I seem to be generating data almost as fast as it can be backed up online over stupid ADSL.