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2007-10-18 (Thursday)

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  1. Art and Heart: Grumble, grumble, yay!, meh?

    Bad luck about the bike - I’d try taking it back to where you got it. You’re only just outside the…


  1. BBC - Programmes

    What I’ve been working on, launched today: a permanent URL for every episode of every TV and radio programme. The data needs much improving and there’s lots more goodness to come…

  2. Colleges and Universities - Education and Schools - Engineering - Technology - Science - New York Times

    Franklin W. Olin College of Engineering sounds different in a good way. “Learning the skill of how to learn is more important than trying to fill every possible cup of knowledge in every possible discipline.” (via Blech)

  3. Cruciforum: crucially simple

    A very simple discussion forum that involves uploading a single file to your website. (via Simon Willison again)

  4. The Information Freeway :: A map of the planet

    A very nice viewer for the Open Street Map data. I had no idea they had so much, and it looks gorgeous close-up. (via Simon Willison)

  5. Get Lat Lon - find the latitude and longitude of a point on a map

    Wonderfully simple Google Maps tool by Simon Willison for doing what it says. Very handy for me for Pepys’ Diary.

  6. Profiles: Stealing Life: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker

    Long article about ‘The Wire,’ the show which is so good it ruins all other TV for you. (via Kottke)


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    Note to self: Delete all cookies from work computer *after* uninstalling Google Browser Sync. Oops, lots of logging in to do now...

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    A lovely evening: post-launch and goodbye drinks, then a friend's birthday drinks. London++

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    Bussing to W12 to hand in my gun and badge. OK, laptop.

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    We launch! One permanent page per episode across TV and Radio: (yes, we know the data is currently dodgy)

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    Thompson is dressed in iPlayer colours. Subtitles render his "I don't think so" answers to Gavin Esler as "I do nothing so".

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    Odd day to be at the BBC. Listening to Thompson on the internal broadcast. Coincidentally my final day here.