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2008-02-21 (Thursday)


  1. High-Design Bible Draws Attention -

    A brief mention for Pepys’ Diary and a quote from me.

  2. BBC drops Grange Hill | Media |

    Damn. I’ve still been enjoying recent series, and the next one will be the last. I bet you it (and Top of the Pops) will be brought back by future BBC decision makers, like Dr Who was.

  3. SF - RM Williams Boots - Everything You Wanted to Know - Style Forum

    I love this level of obsession about any subject, and this is a fine example.

  4. Breaking Through - New York Times

    Just because I find it interesting what movies make a performer’s reputation, and in some cases makes it harder for them to different roles later. (via Kottke)

  5. How To Spot A Psychopath :: The Six Ugliest Space Lego Sets :: January :: 2008

    Eesh, some nasty things there. Personally I was always dubious about Space Lego that wasn’t blue and grey. (via Blech)

  6. Cabinet Magazine Online - A Timeline of Timelines

    A history of different timelines. (via Kevin Kelly)