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2012-08-05 (Sunday)


  1. D’Blog of ‘Israeli: Lowlife: Creation Part Five: All The Joy I See Through These Architect’s Eyes

    Brief looks at many of the ways different artists have drawn Judge Dredd’s Mega City One. (via Haddock)

  2. Why the Southbank Centre redevelopment plan is sheer folly | Art and design | The Observer

    What is it that makes people want to change pleasant, distinctive locations into chain-filled, plate-glass-fronted, shopping centres? (via everyone with any sense)

  3. Some Practical Writing Advice From Douglas Coupland | LitReactor

    Number one in these lists should probably be, “Don’t spend all your time reading lists of writing advice,” but I still like this.

  4. How low (power) can you go? - Charlie’s Diary

    Charlie Stross takes Moore’s Law and Koomey’s Law (improving power consumption) for a walk and imagines a very, very conmected city. (via blech)


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    In the spirit of international competition: Ha ha America, your commercial TV sucks balls compared to our licence-fee funded BBC!

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    I never thought that brief visits to the pool/gym/yoga six days a week would feel so inadequate.

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    Those odd sleeves some runners wear always make me think of Schmegan Shirts on 'Felicity'.

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    Reassured to find there are sports I still find boring. (Boats seem as tedious to watch as horsies.)

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    After watching the Olympics, everyone I see looks too thin or too flabby or too old or too ugly. We're all failures. I need to recalibrate.

    Islington, England, United Kingdom

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    Daily Mail challenge accepted Found one!