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2009-02-18 (Wednesday)


  1. Septivium

    I’ve started a new site, about learning everything.

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  1. Jacobian’s jellyroll at master - GitHub

    “You keep personal data in all sorts of places on the internets. Jellyroll brings them together onto your own site.” Sounds good, but haven’t tried it. (via Blech)

  2. Flashbake: Free version-control for writers using git - Boing Boing

    Sounds nice and some lovely little features like saving info about the weather, etc when it automatically checks your files in. Contextual backup.

  3. chaff. Aggregation and the Edge.

    “Is there a space for a piece of user-installable software, like Movable Type or Wordpress, that aggregates their data from sites across the web, and then presents it as a site?” Yes. Maybe even a WordPress plugin…?

  4. Adactio: Journal—Magnoliloss

    On backing up his Magnolia links and wondering how to back up the rest of his distributed online life. (via Blech)


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    @genmon Happy Birthday and drinking and table footballing! (We are keeping our snot at home tonight.)

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    @muteboy Yup, a book group that, over time, will cover every subject.

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    Hey you. I had an idea so I put up a website to discuss it: If you find it intriguing, then do think about it. Ta.

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    Blimey. I just put an old DVD player on FreeCycle and had three requests for it within two minutes.

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    I'm sure I never used to get stressed about booking trips. Or maybe I did and it's been so long I'd forgotten. Calm calm calm....

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    You threw out my Nancy Drew books/ My model horses from Massachusetts/ All my Barbies & all my Kens/ My stuffed animals my childhood friends

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    I fear all the snot in my head hasn't left room for information. The head feels way too full right now.