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  1. LRB · James Davidson · Flat-Nose, Stocky and Beautugly

    This article, about the changes in names given to children over the years was fascinating, at least (for me) until it gets round to the main subject, ancient Greek names.

  2. LRB · Glen Newey · Is it really so wrong?

    This article, on the nature of evil, was apparently really good, as I turned the corner on it, but it was two weeks ago and I remember nothing about it now. (Subscribers only)

  3. The Unsorting Office

    Leaving aside the making-my-blood-boil mess of the Royal Mail, that bit at the end about recording all the knowledge of posties about short-cuts, hills, gates, etc is interesting.

  4. LRB · Rebecca Solnit · Diary

    If you’re feeling too happy, well worth a read. “A bayou redneck told him: ‘Osama fuckin’ bin Laden could not have imagined, planned or executed more devastation than BP has.’”

  5. LRB · Jenny Diski · Toxic Lozenges

    About how common arsenic poisoning (both murder and accidental) was, mainly in the 19th century. Fascinating.

  6. LRB · Stephen Sedley · Enemies of All Mankind

    For the bit about pirates, the old fashioned kind, and their equitable pay scales.

  7. LRB · Alex de Waal · Dollarised

    Interesting article about the place of patronage, bribery, etc in non-“Western” countries and why simply trying to circumvent it, or stamp it out, isn’t a good route to reform.

  8. LRB · R.W. Johnson · Sudanitis

    On a Victorian exploration into Africa which required more than 2000 people.

  9. LRB · Cathy Gere · Dying and Not Dying

    About Henrietta Lacks, who died in 1951, but whose cells, named HeLa, are still being used today.

  10. LRB · Rosemary Hill · Keep Calm

    From 2007, an article that keeps coming back to me, about the Co-operative Correspondence Club, a distributed newsletter for women that lasted most of the twentieth century.

  11. LRB · Christopher Turner · Missionary Work

    On Henry Wellcome’s amazingly vast collection of stuff from around the world, most of which was sold off in the mid-20th century. Huge.

  12. LRB · Charles Nicholl · ‘A Naughty House’

    Entertaining account of some early 17th century people and places around Whitecross Street, St John Street, Barbican.

  13. LRB · Keith Thomas · Diary

    About taking notes from books, keeping commonplace books, etc. Interesting to read about his laborious technique.

  14. House of Compliance « LRB blog

    Edward Pearce on the nonsense of the government consulting “The People” about everything. “The People are not stupid, but by and large, they are wonderfully under-informed. And as sure as hell, they are not very interested.”

  15. LRB · Gareth Peirce · America’s Non-Compliance

    Good description of quite how scary America is in terms of lack of civil rights for those accused of crimes (never mind convicted), whether in America or not.

  16. Mr Brown Goes to the Palace « London Review Blog

    John Lanchester’s started posting daily about the general election (if you click his name, that page also has an RSS feed just for him).

  17. LRB · John Lanchester · The Great British Economy Disaster

    Another must-read. “This is a direct transfer of wealth from the taxpayer to the banks, and the only difference between it and an actual, physical licence to print money is that the banks don’t have a piece of paper with the words ‘Official Licence to Print Money’ written across the top.”

  18. LRB · August Kleinzahler · Diary

    I really liked this piece, in which Kleinzahler sells the home he grew up in, and his parents have lived in for decades.

  19. LRB · Daniel Soar · Short Cuts

    An article from May 2009 about the @ sign, followed by some fascinating letters about what it’s called in other countries.

  20. LRB · Anne Enright · Diary

    I want a current affairs-only newspaper by the LRB full of articles written like this.

  21. LRB · David Runciman · I Could Fix That

    All interesting, but I particularly like the bits where Bill Clinton gets obsessed with details of things like Hubble and Dolly the sheep.

  22. LRB · Bridget Riley: At the End of My Pencil

    Bridget Riley on why she draws and how her paintings developed. Good, although it all sounds more straighforward than I imagine it was.

  23. LRB · Roy Mayall: Diary

    A good day to finally read this report from a pseudonymous postman. “Figures are down” but volumes are up; companies are important, ordinary people aren’t.

  24. LRB · John Lanchester: It’s Finished

    Very long but very worth reading, on the collapse of the banks. One day I hope there’s a book called “John Lanchester Explains Everything”.

  25. LRB · Mark Greif: You’ll Love the Way It Makes You Feel

    Great article on ‘Mad Men’, nailing some (but not all) of the things that annoy me about it. But so many people rave about it, despite all this, that we’re going to try again…

  26. LRB · letters page from Vol. 30 No. 14

    The ‘10’ on 10 Downing Street’s front door is Trajan, with an upper case ‘O’ instead of a zero.

  27. LRB · Iain Sinclair: The Olympics Scam

    Very good long article on the 2012 London Olympics and its effect on East London. I was getting won over by the Olympics until this reminded me how I really feel.

  28. LRB · Thomas Jones: Short Cuts

    “The best of the lot, though, is the diary of Samuel Pepys, which a web designer called Phil Gyford has been posting in daily instalments since 2003…” Hurrah!

  29. LRB | Rosemary Hill : Keep Calm

    An account of the Co-operative Correspondence Club (early 20C women’s letter-writing distribution network). Also rather moving as the century continues and the women age.

  30. LRB | Andrew O’Hagan : The Things We Throw Away

    Wonderful essay about the UK’s rubbish and recycling. Well worth reading. “Throwing things away has been so essential to our sense of how to live that we forget we invented the process just to increase our pleasures.”

  31. LRB | Barry Schwartz : Stop the treadmill!

    Interesting review of what sounds like a fascinating book: ‘The Challenge of Affluence: Self-Control and Well-Being in the United States and Britain since 1950’ by Avner Offer. (Subscribers only unfortunately.)

  32. LRB | Jonathan Lear : Can the virtuous person exist in the modern world?

    More ethics, morality, philosophy stuff for me to delve into one mythical day when I have loads more time to read books. (Subscribers only)

  33. LRB | David Edgar : Stalking Out

    Review of a John Osborne biography with lots of interesting history about 1950s/60s London theatre, especially ‘Look Back in Anger’, Stratford East, and the Royal Court, and whether theatre was shaken up or not.

  34. LRB | E.S. Turner : Catchers in the Rye

    Interesting article about the history of animal and human traps (subscribers only).

  35. LRB | letters from Vol. 28 No. 15

    I have a letter in the current London Review of Books. I fear they’ll rumble that my knowledge is based solely on Google and Wikipedia (I’ve never seen ‘Happy Days’).

  36. LRB | Tom Shippey : The Most Learned Man in Europe

    Interesting summary of the history of libraries in Western Europe. (Subscribers only.)

  37. LRB | Rose George : Diary

    Subscribers-only or pay-for, but an interesting account of going into London’s sewers. She’s working on a book about human waste…

  38. LRB | Steven Shapin : At the Amsterdam

    Review of two books on the history of coffee houses. A fascinating summary of how lively, interesting and important they were. (Subscribers only unfortunately.)

  39. LRB | Patrick Wright : Cubist Slugs

    Particularly for the first two-thirds, outlining the fascinating art-influenced history of early camouflage. Worth a read.

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