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2011-02-26 (Saturday)


  1. Flexible with strong faces

    Examples of odd and interesting casting calls sent out for adverts.

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  1. The Technium: Free Kindle This November

    This reminded me of this article from the London Review of Books by John Lanchester, about…



  1. SamKnows - Telephone Exchange Search

    Handy thing that shows you lots of information about your nearest telephone exchange, and the broadband services, LLU operators, etc available.

  2. Reading Marx’s Capital with David Harvey » Reading Capital

    “David Harvey has been teaching Karl Marx’s Capital, Volume I for nearly 40 years, and his lectures are now available online for the first time. This open course consists of 13 video lectures of Professor Harvey’s close chapter by chapter reading of Capital, Volume I.” I bet that’s good. Also, CC-licensed.

  3. LRB · Benjamin Kunkel · How Much Is Too Much?

    “Harvey observes these contradictions sharpening over time, as finance capital becomes ever more mobile while beds of infrastructure grow increasingly Procrustean: ‘The disjunction of the quest for hypermobility and an increasingly sclerotic built environment (think of the huge amount of fixed capital embedded in Tokyo or New York City) becomes ever more dramatic.’”

  4. Pattern, a Python module for mining web data

    Lovely looking module for grabbing data from a variety of web sources, analysing it, and displaying results in different ways. (via Waxy)


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    Answering frequently asked questions.

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    @infovore Ouch. Sending Joyent server get well wishes from georgia and butte.

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    1.45pm on Saturday and I haven’t yet achieved, relaxed, or attended that conference in Berlin. I can fix one of the first two. Hopefully.