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2012-08-30 (Thursday)


  1. Failure quotes

    Two quotes about failure, from Samuel Beckett and Stephen Spender.



  1. Iain Sinclair · Diary: My Olympics · LRB 30 August 2012

    He’s usually an entertaining read, despite his relentless talking-down of even incidental things (I’m not sure Zara Phillips’ Olympic horse can be described as a “sore-hoofed nag”). But, more and more, I wonder, “What does Iain Sinclair *want*? I know what he’s against, but what is he *for*?”

  2. David Conn · Follow the Money · LRB 30 August 2012

    Not following football — the sport or the business — I enjoyed this article about how the leagues have changed, and the effect of vast sums of money flowing in and out of the clubs.


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    I wrote a brief bit about two quotes on failure:…

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    @tamalw Very confusing with mailing lists.

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    Aha! Found the culprit in Mountain Lion Mail that confusingly “helps”: Preferences > Viewing > Include related messages. Uncheck.

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    It’s alarming how Mountain Lion Mail “cleverly” groups emails. eg, you reply off-list to someone and email appears in the same list’s view.

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    @tomtaylor Weird isn’t it. Took me a while to find that too. Surely there should be a “HERE ARE THE PARALYMPICS” button on the home page.