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2012-05-04 (Friday)


  1. Jacqueline Rose · A Rumbling of Things Unknown: Marilyn Monroe · LRB 26 April 2012

    I know very little about Monroe but she sounds brilliant, sadness aside. This is a great, long article about how she was always reading and learning and trying to do things the right way.

  2. Life after Seinfeld | Television & radio | The Guardian

    Not really about life after Seinfeld at all, just a really nice appreciation of the show, including lots of sitcom writers saying how they copied its structure etc. It’s still my happy place.

  3. A Profile of London by A.A. Gill -

    “The natives may, occasionally, if backed against a wall, be rudimentarily helpful, but mostly they’ll ignore you with the huffing sighs of people in a hurry.” “She furiously bellowed; ‘Oh my God, is there no end to these improvements?’” (via Haddock)