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2010-12-30 (Thursday)



  1. LRB · David Runciman · Look…

    For this: “a new divide in British public life: between the people who say ‘Look…’ and the people who say ‘So…’”

  2. LRB · John Lanchester · Let Us Pay

    On the future of the newspaper industry. Many good nuggets, including: “New York Times, if it stopped printing a physical edition of the paper, could afford to give every subscriber a free Kindle. Not the bog-standard Kindle, but the one with free global data access. And not just one Kindle, but four Kindles. And not just once, but every year.”

  3. The battle of Towton: Nasty, brutish and not that short | The Economist

    Fascinating account of a War of the Roses battle from an excavated mass grave. I didn’t know men of the time weren’t much shorter than the average today (people shrank in the Victorian era). (via Kottke)

  4. LRB · August Kleinzahler · Diary

    I really enjoyed this description of a road trip in the American West, although it’s for subscribers only.


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    @therealdoctoe Hurrahhh!!! Excellent news :)

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    Yesterday, bored of everything. Today, stunned how many amazing things there are to squeeze into so little time. (I have drunk a coffee…)

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    @tomcoates most dangerous thing in Clifton is still the Exhibition Cider at the Corrie Tap despite recent unhappy events!