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2010-07-09 (Friday)


  1. Week 368

    Getting on top of things.

  2. Publishing with old dates in Movable Type

    What I did to make the Pepys’ Diary website work with 343-year-old dates in Movable Type.

  3. Pirate economics

    The pay differentials of 18th century pirates.



  1. IanVisits » London Underground’s “secret” tube station

    A fake tube station used for training staff in an office block. (via @jameswallis)

  2. Paul Morley: Perhaps I’ll finally give Glastonbury a go | Music | The Observer

    Not that I want to reduce Morley to a music-list-making-machine, but I keep meaning to listen to some of the current music he listed here last month, as I’m so out of touch.

  3. How to build a web widget (using jQuery) - Alex Marandon

    Good, clearly written, tutorial on writing a widget that will be included on third party websites. (via Dotcode)

  4. You were doing it wrong | Ask MetaFilter

    All the bits about pronouncing words wrong get a bit tiresome, but there’s some other fun stuff that people did wrong for years without realising. (via Waxy)

  5. LRB · Stephen Sedley · Enemies of All Mankind

    For the bit about pirates, the old fashioned kind, and their equitable pay scales.


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Talking people on the train are even more distracting and annoying when you realise they're almost exactly the same as you.

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    @synx508 Awww, but it's quite sweet to get a chunk of 20th century delivered every year.

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    Replaced one old, still wrapped Yellow Pages with a newer, smaller, wrapped Yellow Pages. They are simply memories of how we used to live.

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    Breakfast, Pepys, new office fans, Chart Hits 83, bloggage, ticking things off. Time for the weekend.

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    We've got the washing up situation sorted, but someone MIS-SHELVED A BOOK! Chaos, anarchy and revolution rule in #BRIG.

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    @dorianmoore But when (if) the code finally works, all is good. Phew.