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2012-01-01 (Sunday)



  1. Mohammed el Gorani and Jérôme Tubiana · Diary: Guantánamo · LRB 15 December 2011

    This month it’s ten years since Guantanamo opened. People are still held there indefinitely. This is one former detainee’s account. Yay America! You must all be so proud.

  2. Futurist-blogs.xls

    A spreadsheet of blogs about the future. (via Houston Futures)

  3. Dead Media Beat: tech blogs | Beyond The Beyond

    Sterling on various blog posts wondering Bout the death of blogging. I read a lot of blogs, but I don’t read any of those “professional” blogs the pundits say are dying. I won’t notice.

  4. Solarized - Ethan Schoonover

    I don’t often think “ooh, that’s a nice colour palette.” Sixteen colours “for use with terminal and gui applications”, lots of thought behind it, and lots of implementations. (via Tecznotes)

  5. Still “forgetting the styles of archaic technologies” | One Terabyte of Kilobyte Age

    “Professional screen design is all about forgetting. Forgetting and ignoring the browser, the interface, pixels, … We should do something about it in 2012.”

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