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2012-05-28 (Monday)


  1. Instagram as an island economy (11 Apr., 2012, at Interconnected)

    The same with Matt Webb’s thoughts on Lanchester’s piece. Belatedly adding it to my link memory.

  2. John Lanchester · Marx at 193 · LRB 5 April 2012

    Just realised I never Pinboarded this at the time, only wrote about it. For completion’s sake.

  3. Ian Bogost - What should we do for a living?

    An interesting addition to that stuff about the value of Instagram etc coming from the activity of its users (or not): Do those users only have time for this activity because of the “leisure time bought by jobs in the non-Internet economy”?


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    @D_Nye_Griffiths *applause*

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    @abscond Fast response, well packed, cool A++++++ thanks!

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    @lloydshep Great head, haircut was exactly as described - recommended!

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    Just left a bunch of eBay feedback on past sales. Anyone need any feedback while I’m in the flow?

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    @FinalBullet When that happens will you retreat to a dark crevice and emerge as a new personality with zero followers and start again?

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    Waiting for the washing to finish. It’s all go.

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    @phl I have this theory too. But it requires me ignoring all the much older inventiveness around the Mediterranean.