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2010-12-26 (Sunday)




    Not sure about this scrapbook. Some nice interiors and products, but all a bit too tastefully hipster. 


    Also quite a good scrapbook, although a higher adolescent incidence of naked ladies (so 40% chance of NSFW).


    Sorting out my bookmarks, I have a few image scrapbooks like this. Love this one. No comments, just interesting images grabbed from all over. Absorbing. (Occasionally NSFW.)

  4. The Online Photographer: How To Improve Digital Print Tonality

    Simple tip for improving tonal separation: “Pull up Unsharp Masking. Set the Amount for somewhere between 8 and 15% (depending on taste, subject, and printer). Set the Radius for around 60 pixels. Set the Threshold to 0.”

  5. LRB · David Simpson · Because We Could

    Interesting look at why soldiers torture prisoners. Lays much of the blame at (a) the normalisation of torture as a technique in films/TV watched by troops and (b) the training soldiers go through that prepares them for being tortured themselves. (Subscribers only.)

  6. LRB · Ross McKibbin · Nothing to do with the economy

    On the cuts. The bigger the cuts, the more it makes the economy seem in more trouble than it is, and this in turn makes the previous Labour government look more incompetent. Also, the Liberals as a friendly fig leaf hiding the Tories’ extreme ideas. Fuckers.

  7. LRB · Stefan Collini · Browne’s Gamble

    A good account of the inconsistencies of the Browne Report into the future of funding Britain’s higher education. Sounds like it’s written by people for whom education is simply a way of earning MOAR MONEY.

  8. LRB · Terry Castle · Adieu, madame

    A good account of just how huge an international star Sarah Bernhardt was. Also, the fedora was originally a hat worn by women. (Subscribers only unfortunately.)

  9. ASCII by Jason Scott / Yahoo!locaust

    About Yahoo! and Delicious, and other things they’ve closed, and Flickr, and the fact all the content on Yahoo! Video will be deleted in March. *sigh* (via Simon Willison)

  10. Americans Are Horribly Misinformed About Who Has Money - Politics - GOOD

    It’s staggering, as ever, to see how financially unequal the country is, but also fascinating to see how people don’t realise it. I’m not sure I’d have responded much more accurately, and it’s also probably similar in the UK. (via @ianbetteridge)


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    Watching ‘The Inbetweeners’ series 1. Wanted to dislike it because everyone seems to love it. Turns out it's OK.

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    @tedmills I felt like I should have enjoyed it more. It all felt a bit by-the-numbers, but I was also in a bad mood, so it might be just me.

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    @danhon I ended up changing our network from WEP to WPA2 (should probably have done it anyway), changed password, and hurrah internet radio!

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    Can't get our new radio to save the password for our wifi network. #yeahlivinginthefuture #butnotquitetheoneiwanted

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    Tactical shopping mission successful, minimum casualties, acceptable levels of civilian deaths. Area still highly dangerous.

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    About to wander into the West End to try and spend Christmas Gift Tokens without killing any other shoppers. Is this possible? We'll see...

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    Now that there are nazis in Upstairs, Downstairs - I'm hoping they'll wheel out the mystical artifacts and climatic fight atop a zeppelin

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    Flickr could still add a "Make this look like shit" button to compete with instagram. #innovation

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    Parents Everywhere: your WEP password is important. Write it down. Also, your tv's aspect ratio is wrong.