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Bookmarks tagged with “art”

  1. ‘We were let loose’: my art school days, by Peter Blake, Sam Taylor-Johnson, Steve McQueen and more | Life and style | The Guardian

    I love reading stuff like this – and how directors made their first film – even though it makes me feel inadequate.

  2. Amy Bennett

    She makes dioramas of miniature landscapes and buildings and then does paintings from these still lives. (via Things Magazine)

  3. Jerry Saltz: How to Be an Artist

    Better than your average list of tips like “How to be a writer”. Practical and inspiring. (via Antimega)

  4. What Do We Do with the Art of Monstrous Men?

    About how to, or whether it’s possible to, enjoy the art of people like Roman Polanski and Woody Allen, and whether you have to be selfish, to be an “art monster”, in order to make great art. (via Kottke)

  5. Paul Regan - Artist

    I love my friend Paul’s paintings of mundane urban/suburban scenes at night.

  6. Gerhard Steidl Is Making Books an Art Form - The New Yorker

    Profile of the German book-maker, a description that undersells this article. (via Russell Davies)

  7. prosthetic knowledge

    This tumblr of design/art/tech right now is very, very good. (via @iamdanw I think)

  8. Bildnerische Formlehre - Bildnerische Gestaltungslehre - Paul Klee - Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern

    3900 pages of Paul Klee’s notebooks on sculptural form and design theory, scanned and transcribed.

  9. Spectacle, Speculation, Spam on Vimeo

    Lots of this went over my head so I can’t quite tell if it’s good, but it was interesting, (via Russell Davies)

  10. Death and Treasure – Matter – Medium

    About Zak Smith, painter, porn star and player of, and writer about, role-playing games. The arguments about modern RPGs that are alluded to sound even more interesting than the art and porn. (Oct 2014)

  11. Simon Stålenhag Art Gallery

    Really lovely illustrations. To quote one review, “the deeply creepy, robot-and-monster-haunted alt-Sweden”. (via Paul Pod)

  12. On Edward Hopper by Mark Strand | The New York Review of Books

    I particularly like the first half, on Hopper’s preparatory drawings. “It was not that he needed to be sure how to paint a sugar dispenser or salt shaker as in Nighthawks (1942), but that they should become his.”

  13. Teju Cole (@_tejucole) • Instagram photos and videos

    I’m really enjoying his series of images about the Mona Lisa.

  14. I cannot make bricks without clay — The colors of paintings: Blue is the new orange

    Analysing the colours used in paintings over time, and wondering why blueish colours increased over the 20th century. (via Flowing Data)

  15. Listening Post Ten Years On ←‍ 

    This was already one of my favourite pieces of art, and reading how clever it is behind the scenes, and how they’ve been updating it (it can now run on data from Twitter, rather than just IRC and forums), it’s even more so. (via @iamdanw)

  16. BLDGBLOG: 100 Views of a Drowning World

    I love these images; click through to the Tumblr for more, but linking to this for the nice commentary too. Love them.

  17. Blair Neal | How to make an installation stay up 4evr (Mac OS X version)

    Not sure I’ll need this, but nice write-up of how to set up a Mac to keep showing one thing in a gallery or similar. (via Antimega)

  18. This at There

    Very nice list of art / exhibitions on in London, ordered by how soon they close, from It’s Nice That. (via @antimega)

  19. Australia: Drone Shadows, Diagrams, and Political Systems |

    Great, measured piece by James on Arts Queensland’s last-minute banning of his artwork, and authorities’ embarrassment over drones. “The Drone Shadow is not just a picture of a drone. It is a diagram of a political system.”

  20. Time travel on Behance

    I rather like these, the artist inserting herself taking a photo into old photos. (via Kottke)

  21. HINT.FM: The Art Of Reproduction

    I like this idea - making a famous image out of a mosaic of different versions of it found online - but i hate that needless faux-3D tiled effect. Odd. (via The Online Photographer)

  22. Implications

    “Andreas Gursky allegedly makes ten pieces a year. Ansel Adams said twelve good photographs in a year was good production.”

  23. Vincent van Gogh The Letters

    When the (£450) book of letters came out I thought “that’d make a great website.” I didn’t imagine anything as good as this. Amazing, beautiful stuff. (via @holgate)

  24. Who Invented the Avant Garde v.3

    Oh, this is a nice painted timeline which I want to spend lots of ink on printing out and putting on the wall to ponder. (Via @mildlydiverting)

  25. Sohei Nishino - Diorama map London (Detailed info)

    Stunning photographic collage photo-maps of cities. Currently at Michael Hoppen Gallery, SW3 3TD until 2nd April. (via Blech)

  26. Hundreds of Tourist Photos Weaved into One (18 total) - My Modern Metropolis

    Really stunning images of tourist sites made out of hundreds of overlaid tourist snaps. Beautiful. I want these on my walls. (via Blech)

  27. U B U W E B - Film & Video: John Berger - Ways of Seeing (1972)

    Ooh, all four episodes for download. I’ve never seen the TV version.

  28. Frieze Magazine | Archive | Degree Zero

    I’m fascinated by art Foundation-type courses and Roy Ascott’s ‘Groundcourse’ from the 1960s, which Eno did, sounds intriguing. (via Preoccupations)

  29. MoMA | @ at MoMA

    A bit weird, but some nice history of the @ sign. (via Kottke)

  30. LRB · Bridget Riley: At the End of My Pencil

    Bridget Riley on why she draws and how her paintings developed. Good, although it all sounds more straighforward than I imagine it was.

  31. It’s double art history with Mr Tate | Will Gompertz - Times Online

    I really like the three paragraph summary of art history (from the word “jottings”). (via Kottke)

  32. Art Fag City » IMG MGMT: The Nine Eyes of Google Street View

    First, interesting essay on Google Street View as photography/art. Second, really wonderful photos found around the world on it. (via Blech)

  33. Letter posters

    Embroidery doesn’t usually do much for me, but combine with typography and CMYK screens and it’s all geek friendly! (via Haddock)

  34. 100 Years of Design Manifestos — Social Design Notes

    I wish there were more early twentieth century manifestos (there must be more, right?) but a good list otherwise. (via Kottke)

  35. Royal Academy of Arts Events

    Podcast of Royal Academy talks, including all of this and last year’s ‘The Architects Who Made London’ lectures. Good stuff.

  36. Modern History

    Awesome stuff: “a series of collages assembled exclusively from screen grabs of Youtube videos.” Free printable versions too. Remind me of John Martin paintings. (via Kottke)

  37. Watermarks Project

    Lovely idea to make it obvious how disastrous rising sea levels could be. All the photos are mock-ups though unfortunately. (via Noisy Decent Graphics)

  38. Chris Gilmour

    Wonderful lifesize (I assume) sculptures of everyday objects (bikes, cars, dentist’s chair, etc.) made entirely out of cardboard. (via Kottke)

  39. ‘Grand,’ but No ‘Godfather’ -

    On why ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ is very good but isn’t great art in the way the best films are. (via Infovore)

  40. Displacements – today and tomorrow

    Very nice video / installation art thing, worth a look. (via Kottke)

  41. Alexandre Day

    I like these drawings. Verge slightly on the too twee, with those winsome eyes, but I love the marks. (via Drawn!)

  42. New World Notes: All About My Avatar: Tasrill Sieyes

    A Second Life avatar based on Duchamp’s ‘Nude Descending a Staircase’. First thing that’s made me interested in getting into SL. (via Haddock)

  43. Greyworld

    Lots of lovely public art projects. No, really, public art that’s fun and interesting! (via Haddock)

  44. “An Ilustrated Life” Preview

    Lovely collection of pages from “artists, illustrators and designers’” sketchbooks. Awful slidy Flash interface though. Illustrators are worse than estate agents in their use of appalling interface techniques. (via Ted Mills)

  45. Oona Hassim

    A friend whose private view I went to this week. Wonderful not-quite-abstract paintings of crowds.

  46. Art MoCo: “Delete! - Delettering the Public Space”

    Art project that blanks out all the signs in a street. Got lots of linkage ages ago but it took me a while to find it again this week.

  47. Vimeo / everyday video clip (from Noah K.)

    A photo of himself every day for six years, made into a movie. Awesome. If he continued this into old age, until he died… wow, it would be hard to like any work of art more. Stunning. (via Kottke)

  48. Mattias Adolfsson

    Wonderful, solid, sketchy drawings. Click the “Drawing” or “Sketch Books” links. Inspiring. (via Drawn!)

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