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2009-04-15 (Wednesday)


  1. » #50 - Advice for new managers: pt. 1

    A good couple of essays on being a manager. I find this stuff fascinating, although I’m not a manager.

  2. Readernaut

    Nicely done site for not only logging your reading but keeping notes on it too.

  3. Modern History

    Awesome stuff: “a series of collages assembled exclusively from screen grabs of Youtube videos.” Free printable versions too. Remind me of John Martin paintings. (via Kottke)

  4. Buildings and Food: How to look at billboards

    Brilliant essay from 1960 about how outdoor advertising is entirely wrong. Wish I’d written it. When I rule the world outdoor advertising will be banned. (via Kottke)


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    @THEWHATWORKS No, not making Pepys theatre, but posting his diaries online: (over 6 years down, 3 to go)

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    "Being in the shoemaker's stocks" - Pepys' expression for wearing tight shoes.

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    @smagdali Yahoo goes up to 10 years ('Max'):

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    Meeting in turn was slightly marred by non-appearance of client due to their calendaring error. Thanks fate. I will tempt you no more.

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    Nice sunny cycle into town for a meeting slightly marred by the smelly heated crowded drain of Shaftesbury Avenue. Too many people.

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    Tempting fate. All of the fates. Come ON!

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    Reboot watch: Today the page lets you send suggestions for Reboot 11.

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    Swum, breakfasted, five days of a philandering Pepys prepared. To work!