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2017-06-18 (Sunday)


  1. Gerhard Steidl Is Making Books an Art Form - The New Yorker

    Profile of the German book-maker, a description that undersells this article. (via Russell Davies)

  2. Monty Don: Dirty dressing | Life and style | The Guardian

    On gardening clothes, from 2005. (via Die Workwear)

  3. performance notes

    A good write-up of making the fast, simple site even faster.

  4. Binky: The App That Does Nothing - The Atlantic

    Brilliant. Social networking app with no content and no social network. (via Waxy)

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  • tagyourheathen’s avatar

    ”it's just a phase”

  • ladyermintrude’s avatar

    But Toby you had no problem turfing ppl out of their homes for the Olympics, HS2 etc. Or does it only matter when it's rich Tory donors?…

    toadmeister’s avatar

    If Corbyn is willing to disregard people's right to property, how confident are we he would respect other human rights?