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2022-01-17 (Monday)



  1. Clair Wills · Life Pushed Aside: The Last Asylums · LRB 18 November 2021

    Very long and good history of a psychiatric hospital in the 20th century, outsider art, and the authors’ mother and grandparents who worked there. More interesting than I initially expected.

  2. Adam Tooze · Ecological Leninism: Drill, baby, drill · LRB 6 November 2021

    A second article on Andreas Malm in the same issue. Makes me think I should read ‘White Skin, Black Fuel’ and/or ‘How to Blow up a Pipeline’.


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    @SionFullana @Flickr To be fair, they doubled the price two years ago, but they let existing Pro users keep the same price for 1 or 2 years. I'm not sure that's any better though :)

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    @4Viewers OK, thanks! Your FAQ should perhaps be updated then...…

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    @All4 @Channel4 How do I add this film to My List? There are no controls to do it. I'm at… and am signed in, using Safari on macOS.

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    Could we make the Royal Family subscription based? I never use them