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2009-02-11 (Wednesday)


  1. Watermarks Project

    Lovely idea to make it obvious how disastrous rising sea levels could be. All the photos are mock-ups though unfortunately. (via Noisy Decent Graphics)

  2. Font Matrix

    Nice grid of what fonts are available in different OSes with different installs of software.

  3. Unit Interactive :: Blog :: Better CSS Font Stacks

    Sensible examples of lists of fonts to use in CSS.

  4. The Online Photographer: The Trough of No Value

    It’s lovely when you find a phrase to name a thing you’ve always known but never been able to reduce to a handful of words. (via Kottke)


  • philgyford’s avatar

    Pretending I'm @yoz and it's 1991.

  • philgyford’s avatar

    Seems no one else can face swimming at 7am: pool to myself! Brill! (No, this early exercise fad can't last, can it?)