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2014-05-28 (Wednesday)


  1. Diary of a Corporate Sellout — The Message — Medium

    Andy Baio on what it means to sell a site to a larger company. When you give up ownership, you’re selling the community.

  2. BLDGBLOG: 100 Views of a Drowning World

    I love these images; click through to the Tumblr for more, but linking to this for the nice commentary too. Love them.


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    @freyfogle You do feel very kind of “in command” don’t you.

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    @gilest It feels oddly clinical, having the music but no chat, but that also maybe stops it being *too* overly nostalgic.

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    My Spotify playlist of a few hundred songs played on Mark Radcliffe & Lard’s late night Radio 1 show in the 90s:…

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    @johndodds That sounds like the one I’m on.

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    Is there a happy Twitter?

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    The capitalist imagination: It's easier to imagine a fleet of self-driving cars than cities w/ free efficient public transit. Or bike lanes.