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2021-08-09 (Monday)



    I recently made a website as part of ArtAngel’s project Afterness, based at Orford Ness in Suffolk.



  1. Art Machine - Colaboratory

    The first one of these Google Notebook things for generating images from a prompt by an AI that I’ve got to work. (via the b3ta newsletter)

  2. EleutherAI - text generation testing UI

    Another GPT-J-6B text-generating tool.

  3. Text Synth

    Easy, working thing that generates further text from a prompt using the GPT-J 6B or GPT-2 language models.


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    "…by combining three random words - you can create a password that's 'random enough'"…

    Yeah right, convince me this isn't just another piece of marketing for the awful What3Words.

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    @duncangeere @AlokSharma_RDG I can only see big changes being successful with the full support of the (global) media outlets that might otherwise push back against restrictions to people's "rights" and "freedoms".

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    @Dave_Humm @JamesWallis Well yes - in this analogy people have caught the virus but only have a bit of a cough so far.

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    @duncangeere Yeah. Unfortunately I can't imagine any politician enforcing the necessary actions until it's way too late. And/or I can't imagine the majority of voters agreeing with the necessary actions being enforced until it's way too late.

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    You know the news reports of un-vaxxed people on their hospital death beds, wishing they'd done something sooner to protect themselves?

    I guess that'll be everyone at some point this century re climate change. "If only I'd… Couldn't we have…?" It's too late, I'm so very sorry.

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    Bullshit - lies

    Dogshit - poor quality

    Batshit - illogical

    Apeshit - frighteningly aggressive

    Horseshit - unfair