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2014-10-14 (Tuesday)

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  1. How designers prototype at GDS | GDS design notes

    Thanks for writing this - I’m fascinated by the idea of designers who design in code, because I’ve…


  1. Listening Post Ten Years On ←‍ 

    This was already one of my favourite pieces of art, and reading how clever it is behind the scenes, and how they’ve been updating it (it can now run on data from Twitter, rather than just IRC and forums), it’s even more so. (via @iamdanw)


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    @infovore I had to check no one had done it yet.

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    @tomstuart BUT I JUST WANT TO TALK!

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    @infovore @mattsheret I’m hoping my holey 1970s pin-stripe suit trousers are acting as a lure, to keep the moths away from everything else:(

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    @mattsheret :( Moths are the worst. I live in constant fear (and darned woollens).

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    @plsj Good thinking. Rayanne always calls for a chat at exactly the wrong moments during covert operations.