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2013-11-29 (Friday)


  1. Blair Neal | How to make an installation stay up 4evr (Mac OS X version)

    Not sure I’ll need this, but nice write-up of how to set up a Mac to keep showing one thing in a gallery or similar. (via Antimega)


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    @whoisdanw Damp?

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    From the very beginning the Internet was designed to be more fertile on a Friday evening. #fact #true

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    Now they’re both on GitHub, I’m looking forward to some kind of coding face-off between @benterrett and @schulze.

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    @pkqk Project Management in action!

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    @infovore @mildlydiverting Another indicator: small shops with all-lowercase signs.

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    @mildlydiverting Saw my first appear near Clapham Common in late 90s, so yes. I think that’s it’s sole purpose.

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    Let's take a moment to remember all the brave men and women tonight who can't be with their families because our soldiers killed them