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2017-06-04 (Sunday)


  1. Bildnerische Formlehre - Bildnerische Gestaltungslehre - Paul Klee - Zentrum Paul Klee, Bern

    3900 pages of Paul Klee’s notebooks on sculptural form and design theory, scanned and transcribed.


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    @jaggeree Thankfully Crossrail appears to have learned the main lesson of Grand Designs - hire people who know what they’re doing to run it.

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    @crouchingbadger @russss It’s an update! Full of new razor-thin windows in which crucial things must go perfectly or else disaster will… oh, no, it’s fine.

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    Watched ‘The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway’. Exhausted by the relentless fake jeopardy. Spoiler: it was all fine.

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    "Knives in their hands, murder on their minds." Fucking tell us the news, @BBCNews. Go write a fucking novel if you want to talk like that.

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    Boris Johnson. Nardole for cunts.

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    @philgyford It was like an episode of Grand Designs. I kept wondering if the windows would arrive before the baby was due. But it was a railway

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    Actual places Londoners are reluctant to enter:
    Covent Garden street performer hell
    Madam Tussauds
    Breakfast club queue
    Changing at Bank